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Deliverance Series Audio CDs

Get all The Deliverance Series Audio books  in CDs Format to play them in your car and in your home 

See What Others Are Saying:

"For years I used to be afraid to sleep at night, for every night I would have dreams of a man coming and having sex with me. But after I ordered Bishop Climate's audio book on Overcoming Persistent Enemies, I have been playing it while I sleep and I don't have those bad dreams anymore. I tried everything, but this is the only thing that has worked! - Sarah H. (Manchester, UK)


"I have bought all of Bishop Climate's deliverance audio books. I play them in my car, I listen to them at work, I even play them when I'm sleeping. It have really made a difference. I notice a change in my working place, the atmosphere is more calm. Even in my home, my wife and I don't argue as much anymore but there seems to be more peace. I really thank God for these audio books. I feel the anointing when I listen to them. And I love the music too. " - Devonn R. (Boston, USA)