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This program is designed to deal with issues concerning your marriage (Marital & Pre-Marital Relations)

Have You Been Experiencing?:

  • Singleness?
  • Wrong Choice of Partner?
  • Rejection?
  • Divorce?
  • Widowhood?
  • Cheating/Lying Spouse?
  • Extra-Marital Relations?
  • Relationships that Never Last?
  • Lack of Affection?
  • Lack of Fulfilment?
  • Misunderstanding/Confusion Between Eachother?
  • Abusive Partner?
  • Lazy Partner?
  • Sudden Change in Spouse?
  • No Commitment?
  • No Children?

If you have been experiencing atleast one or more of these problems then you need the Deliverance Program for your Finances. 

This Program Includes 70 Days of Prayer & 70 Days of Fasting (Not continuous)

Choose Between Hard Copy or Ebook/Mp3 (Both Include 7 Topical Teachings for your Spiritual Growth & Empowerment)