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This program is designed to deal with issues concerning your Social Life (Friends, Partners & Relations)

Have You Been Experiencing?:

  • Abuse?
  • Random Attacks?
  • Lack of Friends?
  • Being Used all the Time?
  • Rejection?
  • Persecution?
  • Conspiracy?
  • Always Taken Advantage of?
  • Friends Come & Go?
  • Isolation?
  • Trouble fitting in?
  • Trouble Getting Along with People?
  • Attracted to Wrong People?
  • Victim of I.D. Fraud?
  • Missed Opportunities?
  • Missing Important Dates?

If you have been experiencing atleast one or more of these problems then you need the Deliverance Program for your Finances. 

This Program Includes 40 Days of Prayer & 40 Days of Fasting (Not continuous)

Choose Between Hard Copy or Ebook/Mp3 (Both Include 7 Topical Teachings for your Spiritual Growth & Empowerment)