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Miracle Pillow

Posted on 15th Nov 2013 @ 7:07 PM

MIRACLE PILLOW V2  (974x350)


Product Description

Genesis 28:11-22. God spoke to the man of God Bishop Climate as he taught about Jacob taking stones and placing it under his head and as he fell asleep he dreamt of angels ascending and descending. When Jacob woke up he said" surely God is in this place" Experience the same anointing from this high quality feathered pillows which have been placed on the altar and the Man of God Bishop Climate anointed them with anointed oil. Just like Jacob did with the stones, I believe as you sow your special seed of £50 receive your miracle pillow and you will be filled with the five blessings that will catapult you into your destiny!

Blessing 1 - Wisdom

Blessing 2 - Excellence 

Blessing 3 - Knowledge

Blessing 4 - Understanding 

Blessing 5 - Interpretation of Dreams 


Today purchase the incredible anointed Item The Miracle Pack and Purchase The Miracle Pillow which is birthing many new testimonies!

Release the anointing of increase over your life and experience the five blessings that will catapult you into your destiny today! Want to learn more about The Miracle Pillow? Get the teaching behind it! Purchase the Live Audio from Sunday Miracle Teaching The Anointing Of Destiny!